Flygohr Illustrations, NFTs, worldbuilding


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Authenticated digital artworks certified on the Tezos blockchain to prevent forgery and provide historical provenance.

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  • Born and raised into wild nature, grows up unaccustomed to social norms and conventions
  • Starts drawing before saying his first word
  • Sells his first comic at age 7 (for €1)
  • Satan makes his appearance around here
  • Develops a passion for rave parties, punk concerts, alcohol and riots
  • Determined, proudly unapologetic, troublemaker, home escapee at age 16
  • Starts his freelancing career with an old laptop and a small graphic tablet soon after (on public wi-fi networks)
  • In the meantime, he gets a degree in Figurative Arts
  • Starts earning enough money to afford takeaway food once a week
  • Now has a nice workstation, a few assistants and can write professional emails. Is currently working for a variety of clients from all around the world
  • Started a successful career in crypto and NFTs, launching #PUNKDOE and #TEZOSPIRATES on Tezos
  • Started his next and largest IP yet with #PRJKTNEON, a record breaking, lore-deep NFT collection on Tezos
  • His NFTs are into museums and he's invited to talk at panels with other experts in the field
  • Starts writing a newsletter, a course, more guides, and tutorials for newbies to read