Gabriele Pezzin was born to be an artist. He grew up with painter for a mother and a wood artisan as a father. One naturally acquires a vibrant imagination when surrounded by so much creativity. He was drawn to comics, reading any he could get his hands on. His creativity inevitably took the form of drawing his own comics so that he could show others the wonderment he saw. From the age of seven, his future career was already set in stone as he sold his very first comic. That little boy would eventually grow up to acquire a degree in Figurative Arts, showing that he had an eye for detail and a need to represent reality even in the most fictitious of things.

By sixteen, Gabriele Pezzin started his career as a freelance artist under the name of Flygohr. With nothing more than an old laptop and a small graphics tablet, he turned his passion into a job with extreme determination. His reviews speak for themselves, showing that Gabriele can deliver fantastic art in a quick and efficient manner. Not bad for a man who started out with nothing other than the twinkle in his eye to influence others the way comics had influenced him.

Gabriele Pezzin currently draws a variety of comics for many clients, as seen on this website, When he isn’t drawing or reading comics, you can find him enjoying a good book especially those by Chuck Palahniuk.