Collaborator Patreon Breakdown

This blog post is going to be a little different from the previous ones. Instead of giving you a little insight into my history or process as an artist, we are actually focusing on another person. The person in question is one of my collaborators, Kyle Scher. You may have noticed the by-line below the previous blogs feature his name and you can read his bio on the Collaborator section of my website. Not too long ago, we partnered up and did a four-page psychological thriller comic entitled All the World’s a Stage.

We worked well together and reached a mutually beneficial relationship. However, we wish to be able to work faster and more efficiently in the future. As a result, Kyle set up a Patreon to help alleviate some of the cost on both our halves in the production of these short comics. The purpose of this blog is to detail what Kyle’s Patreon can do for you, the benefits of each tier level, and how you can help out.

Kyle Scher’s Patreon Mission Statement

Kyle main goal in life is to become a comic book writer. A lofty goal that will take quite some time to achieve. For now, he is focusing on delivering short comics in order to spread his name to the comic reading public. He is not an artist, something he is quite honest about. He has no drawing ability, which means he needs to hire artists who can draw from his scripts. For now, he is working with me to deliver a wide variety of stories, but he hopes to branch out and use other artists to keep from things going stale. One goal that he has mentioned to me is the idea of delivering full twenty-two-page comics with a full creative team such as a letter, colourist, etc. While this is a major goal he has in mind, it’s not his centre focus at the moment.

Right now, as per my own workflow, I can help him deliver a short comic of roughly fifteen pages every three months. A target that we are set on keeping for the time being, though there will be times when the comic is shorter and thus the production time is shorter. If Kyle manages to reach his first goal, the production time will decrease to one month as I will be able to prioritize his comics over other paying projects.

Each tier in Kyle’s Patreon has something unique to offer that is intended to give your insight into his creative process and in some cases control over were this process takes him. All of this is incentive so that you can enjoy his short comics in variety of different genres every few months. Now, I’m going to go through each tier and explain what Kyle and I have to offer you in exchange of your wonderful and greatly appreciated help.

Kyle’s Patreon banner

Kyle’s Patreon banner

The Double $1 Tiers

There are two tiers set at the lowest amount of money you can pledge on Patreon, which is one dollar. The first of these, called the “Anonymous Tip Jar” is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s intended for people that want to pledge a small amount towards the making of these short comics but don’t want anything from it.

The other one, called the “Signature Book”, is the reverse of the other one. There will be a credits page at the end of each short comic. In the credits, every member of the Patreon at this level will have their name there as you guys are the reason it got made.

The $3 Tier

This tier has several things going for it, though the biggest allows you influence the kind of comic you get the read in the future. This one is called “Coffee” gives you the previous tier bonus plus the following:

·        One-week early access to every finished comic.

·        A vote on the next produced comic after the current comic is released to the public.

The $5 Tier

This tier is intended to be the intermediate tier and as such gives you access to both myself and Kyle but also a portion of our creative process. This one is entitled “Cappuccino” and gets you the previous tier bonuses plus the following rewards.

·        Spotify playlist of what Kyle was listening to while he was writing the story. And the playlist of what the artist (currently myself) was listening to while drawing the comic.

·        An hour-long questions and answers session hosted monthly by Kyle. I will be there when possible, but Kyle is sure to always be there.

The $10 Tier

This tier is where I primarily come in as my creative process has the most steps to it, as mentioned in previous blog posts. Kyle envisioned this as the tier for fellow comic book creators, which is why it is called “Aspiring Creator” as it gets you the previous tier benefits plus access to the following files:

·        Full final draft script in .docx plus .pdf format.

·        Rough pages which are provided by me.

·        Mood boards provided by both me and Kyle if we made one for that particular comic

·        Reference photos used for each character. These are provided by Kyle to me so that the characters I draw look the way he wants them to.

The $50 Tier

This is the highest possible tier on Kyle’s Patreon and as such offers several major rewards, one of which I will have a hand in creating for you. This tier, called “VIP” for obvious reasons, gives you all the previous tier rewards plus the following benefits:

·        The first page of the comic will actually be a specially designed credits page. Every Patron at this level will get a section of that page that they will get to customize to their liking. This can range from the kind of font you name appears in to even a photo being inserted in your section.

·        Each Patron at the VIP level gets to name one place or character in the next comic we deliver to you.

What You Can Do To Help

As mentioned previously, the purpose of this Patreon is to help Kyle out in fulfilling his dream. If he is able to pay me for my art services, he will be able to deliver short comics for you to enjoy much more quickly. As a result, he will have more time to write future comics and you get more short comic as a significantly faster rate.

Even if he doesn’t reach this goal, he will still deliver to you short comics every three months along with all the associated rewards for each tier level. Any amount you pledge to him simultaneously help him and me out, ensuring that you get the best quality comics we can deliver to you.

If what I have described to you intrigues you, please check out Kyle’s Patreon here. If you have any questions regarding the production of these short comics, the Patreon itself, All the World’s a Stage, or the collaboration between myself and Kyle, please comment below. Alternatively, you can send an email to Kyle at or me at Thank you for taking the time to look at my collaborator’s Patreon and a special thanks to everyone that pledges any amount to him now or in the future.