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Ian Jones

A year ago I decided I would try my hand at writing comic books. Not just for fun, mind you, but in hopes of making it a career. Considering that my whole life I’ve worked in manufacturing and knew very little how the comic industry worked, the prospect seemed daunting. But writing has always been a passion of mine, and I have a lifetime’s worth of stories threatening to burst from my head like a scene from a David Cronenberg film (see Scanners). So I figured that, at forty-five-years of age, it was finally time to pursue that passion.

After reading the ‘how to’ books, watching interviews with professionals , and talking to other passionate comic book creators at conventions who had set out to get their comic book out there one way or another, I finally bit the bullet and took that most integral first step—finding an artist. The story I wanted to tell would not be about superheroes, or zombies, or secret organizations whose job is to protect the world from aliens/monsters/supernatural forces, it would be a hardboiled detective story that takes place in the 1950s… at first. It eventually becomes something much more existential and terrifying as the story progresses and our protagonist sleuth, hired to find a thief who stole an ancient relic, ends up solving the mystery of the universe itself. Nothing too ambitious. (see sarcasm)

So it wasn’t enough that I find an artist who was just good at drawing, they had to “get it”; they had to be literate in something other than comic books. They had to understand the philosophical implications of the story I wanted to tell; had to understand pacing, mood, tension—the noir genre—and be able to capture the feel and look of a romanticized, bygone era. They also had to be able to capture the subtle nuance in someone lighting and smoking a cigarette, or exchanging a witty repartee with a beautiful femme fatale, or spitting out a sarcastic remark while being worked over by a couple of thugs—you know, that cool factor that makes a Chandleresque P.I. so fun to read.

After months of searching, and vetting, I came across Flygohr’s ad on a comic book site. He has turned out to be exactly what I was looking for and more. Besides being a phenomenal artist, he is intelligent, well-read, easy to work with, prompt, and professional. He has even humored me on the more experimental things I have written, patiently working with me to create some truly extraordinary and, dare I say, groundbreaking pages of sequential art.

And he does it all—pencils, inks, colors, even lettering—truly a one stop shop. But, more so, he does it all well! Lettering is a craft in itself. Where you place the captions and balloons, making it fit seamlessly with the artwork and help guide the reader’s eye, it may seem easy, but it’s not. Good lettering is something most people don’t notice, but bad lettering they will. It can make or break a comic. And, along with everything else, Flygohr is a good letterer.

A year later we are six issues into the series and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turning out. I have also created my own comic book company and have started two more comic series (neither involving superheroes, or zombies, or secret organizations protecting the world). Flygohr has been instrumental in me getting to this stage and that much closer to achieving my goal of becoming a comic book writer. Whether you’re a novice like me trying to break into the industry or an established professional who’s looking for an artist that can deliver, I cannot recommend Flygohr enough.

But talk is cheap… scan me! (see Scanners)

Ian Jones

Darren Bobley
I had hired Flygohr many times for different cartoons. It's a pleasure working with him - he's fast, smart and friendly. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Kara Ave Messer
I commissioned Flygohr for some art for my comics, and got in return great art for a great price. Attentive communication, quality art, timely product. I would recommend.

He made me look badass.

I'm going to be starting a mangazine real soon and this comic was the leadup. It turned out beautifully.

He was amazingly professional and helpful, despite the fact that I imagine I was very difficult to work with, and changed what I thought I wanted a lot! The final product was better than I ever imagined.

The artist really cares about what you are looking for, he wad glad to take all the information to create the character beyond what I had expected I am super pleased and will be using him for my graphic novel!

Delivered on time. Professional service. Excellent communication. Very happy with the work and definitely recommend!

Perfect after one revision. He really made the drawing come alive and captured the figures in the photo. Best artist I've used on fiverr, recommended!

I was pleasantly surprised. Flygohr is a complete pro and truly went above and beyond. The page style matched with the tone of the story, and the pages came out perfect. I would be more than happy to continue working with Flygohr!

I am speechless with the quality of these pages. So impressive. I'm very grateful. Flygohr is truly patient, talented, and professional. It was a splendid experience.

OMG, I WOKE UP SCREAMING AND WOKE THE WHOLE HOUSE! Flygohr work is amazing. No revisions were needed and he delivered early. I AM SO IMPRESSED AND GRATEFUL. I am already preparing his next project, and I highly recommend flygohr's work!!!