My work wouldn’t be possible without these brilliant people helping me along the way. Almost all of the writing on this website and some of my comics had someone else’s hand in it, working behind the scenes to ensure I delivered the best art possible. I want to throw a special and much deserved shout out to these people.

Kyle Scher


Hello, I’m Kyle Scher and I’m a freelance writer from Oklahoma. I have been writing for a large majority of my life, to the point that some of my first memories are about it. I had a vivid imagination and was always creating stories of some grand adventure in a far away land or some dramatic event closer to home. As an only child, theses stories kept me entertained and quickly grew my need for creativity.

Inevitably, I sought to enhance these skills I had acquired and use them to tell other people my stories. I travelled to the United Kingdom and received a 2:1 Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Winchester. Comics had always been my passion and there I learned how to write them, with teachers that pushed me to go beyond what I thought I was capable of. This led to me getting a First Class Mark on my dissertation, which was a full 22-page comic book script.

When I’m not writing comics, I’m writing about them. You can find my work on The Daily Fandom. I recently partnered up with Gabriele and have been helping him out with his website, so I hope you have enjoyed my writing so far. Feel free to contact me with questions or any writing needs you have at

- Kyle

Sean Hummel


Hi! I’m Sean Hummel from Germany, 3D Artist for graphic novels and video games. My mother opened and owned a comic book store for the vast majority of my childhood so I was basically partially raised by Hewlett, Moebius, Ellis and the likes. And while their part as role-models might be questioned by some, as a source of inspiration they’re irreplaceable.

My journey has led me to many stations, one of the biggest being the 9 years spent in Berlin with all its crazy people and unique experiences, and a BA in communications design on the side. In this time I also started my first work with a comic artist - Yuumei - as well as delving into the vast world of game art. Recently I moved to the UK to hone my skills in the latter with an MA in Game Art & Design which I successfully finished late 2018.

Curious about my works or want to get in contact? Check out my ArtStation or Facebook for more regular updates.


Gustavo Giménez


Hi! I´m Gustavo Giménez from Argentina. I could say my whole life´s been tied to comic books in one way or another. I started reading comics since I can remember and my parents supported me paying some old fashined mail courses so I could improve my skills on drawing. Later on I was a big comics collector and even opened my own comicbook store.

I have a degree on adverstising and work as editorial designer in my city´s main newspaper, but I have also done infographics, illustrations and caricatures there.

But my passion for comics didn´t die, so I had the chance to do some lettering, but focused on coloring and flats.

If you want to get in touch, please mail me at and please check my DeviantArt portfolio and my FB page