Q: How did you learn to draw?
A: It was a variety of different factors that drove me down this lifepath. I grew up around two artist parents, so it was only natural I would pick up an artistic pursuit. I have been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil and I haven't stopped since. While it may be a cliche, it is true, practice makes perfect. I kept practicing into my adolescence and naturally this progressed into me pursuing a degree, specifically in Figurative Arts. Since then I kept on practising, watching Youtube videos on different methods, styles, and forms. In many ways I taught myself everything I know, it was all just a matter of patience.

Q: What sort of tools and equipment do you use during your drawing process?
A: My hardware setup consists of a desktop computer that I custom made myself. It is set up for a multi-monitor viewing experience and I usually use at least two. As I only do digital art, I use a graphics tablet, my particular ones are the Ugee 2150 for the main workstation and the Wacom Intuos (small) for when I am on the go. As for software, it varies from project to project. For comic work I use Clip Studio Paint while on illustrations and other work I use Mischief, Krita, or Photoshop. As they say Rome was not built in a day, and my kind of drawing requires more than just one piece of equipment.

Q: Would you be willing to do a collaboration project or work on a project that will be crowdfunded?
A: Sadly, no. At this moment in time I am focusing purely on paid projects. While I’m sure your idea is wonderful and I wish you the best of luck with it, I simply do not have the time to devote to such a large project. Being a freelance artist is a tough job and very time consuming. I hope you understand and I look forward to seeing your project published when you do find a collaborator.

Q: Is there a place I can purchase your art?
A: Merchandise featuring my art or prints can be purchased at the following places: Redbubble, INPRNT, and Society6. My own personal store at which you can buy my art is on Etsy. However, I do offer a more cost effective alternative to my print-on-demand services. If you are willing to print the art yourself please go to my store at Gumroad. If the particular print that you want is not already uploaded there, please contact me and I will upload it.

Q: Am I allowed to share your art around either by reposting it on social media, using it in an article, etc.?
A: If the my art is to be used in a non profit manner then you must contact me for approval. As long as you can prove it will not be used in a commercial way, I will absolutely allow my art to be used. Sharing or reposting on social media is fine as long as I am attributed. The artist credit must include my pseudonym, Flygohr, as well as a link to either my website or Instagram.