Here you can see an uncluttered view of my NFTs on Tezos. For now I can only display OBJKTs, but I am also on Kalamint and Bazaar. This page purposefully excludes #PUNKDOE and #TEZOSPIRATES OBJKTs, as they have their own dedicated pages.

This page has been made with lots of help from @marchingsquare and is powered by their amazing hicdex.

Featured OBJKTs


Auctions are managed by the website and contract.


This view can be filtered using the dropdowns below. Scroll to the bottom to see a key and some additional explanations on how to use the filters. Click on the images to go to the page for that OBJKT. You can make an offer for it even if the OBJKT is not on sale. If someone owns a copy of it, they can see the offer and decide to take it.

Market status: Marketplace: Listing type: Sort by:

The market type can be used to show OBJKTs where the lowest possible price is either on the primary market (sold by me) or on the secondary market (sold by others). An OBJKT can be on sale both on the primary and the secondary markets, but the filter takes into account the lowest price only.

is shown when the lowest price is found on the primary market, while is shown when that's found on the secondary. No price is displayed if the OBJKT is not on sale.

indicates the filetype of the OBJKT.

shows the current status of available editions vs supply. Available editions are copies put on sale, either on the primary or secondary market, while the supply is the total number of copies in circulation that are not burned.